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Network ServiceS

Our expert consultants can support you with a range of managed network services, including SD-WAN hybrid networks, network device management, and much more. Our solutions are fully-customisable and built to fit your precise needs.


We complete the design of networks on various platforms, complex quality of service (QoS) models, multiple routing protocols, securing the network edge through port security and access controls, and support for numerous traffic types including multicast, real-time, customised port-maps, and industrial protocols such as Modbus TCP


Our team complete firewall implementations on Palo Alto, Fortinet, Cisco, and Juniper  platforms. It also extends to identity services management to enable secure access from any device on any OS, intrusion detection and prevention systems, application-level traffic inspection, secure remote access solutions via VPN and Citrix, and the deployment of load balancing solutions with gateway services via load balancer platforms.

We complete the design and deployment of IPTEL solutions on Cisco Call Manager, and Microsoft Teams which include integrated IM and softphone features, online and audio conferencing functionality, video conferencing.


We undertake the design and implementation of complex solutions including corporate and BYOD networks, underground OT networks, guest and sponsor portals, and technology management using wireless controllers.


Our support includes WAN optimisation and compression technologies on Riverbed and Cisco WAAS platforms. This also extends to the design and implementation of customised application maps to ensure the technology is maximised and return on investment is at an optimum level for the client.

Unified Communications

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