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Our team of consultants at Marble Arch are seasoned professionals with the expertise to provide end-to-end project delivery services across a range of technological & communication areas to ensure our clients are operating effectively & efficiently in an ever-changing landscape.




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20+ Years of Global Industry Experience

Certified Professional IT Consultants


Recent Successes


May 2023

Marble Arch Consulting Enhances Major Airports Network & Security Environment with Clear Vision & Strategy

A major Australian Airport had an expensive overhead to manage and faced increased security risk as a result of numerous disparate security systems in their network. Given its complexity the legacy environment prevented important initiatives from progressing making it difficult for the airport to make necessary improvements.

The team at Marble Arch Consulting embarked on a 1.2Million Dollar project that included developing a strategy, roadmap and subsequent implementation plan identifying areas for improvement in the short and long term after an effective audit. The strategy covered various aspects of the client's operations, identifying opportunities for growth and immediate cost savings.

The ultimate solution consisted of consolidated infrastructures, an established external Data Centre perimeter with appropriate segmentation, visibility and management into the security layer. The project involved identifying areas of inefficiency and providing solutions to optimize their workflow. The implementation of these solutions resulted in a significant productivity increase and upfront operational cost savings of $350,000.00 through decommissioned software and maintenance products.

Marble Arch Consulting now protect the airports valuable assets by proactively managing their network firewalls. With a philosophy of becoming an extension of our their clients teams, this means the airport leadership and operational team have confidence to focus on other pressing initiatives while Marble Arch Consulting ensures their environment remains secure.  

SD Branch Image.jpg

February 2023

Corporate Aruba SD-Branch for Scalable & Flexible Networking

Marble Arch Consulting was contracted by Bundaberg Brewed Drinks to design and implement an Aruba SD-Branch solution for their corporate office locations, warehouse locations, and new bottling plant; in Bundaberg. The project involved the implementation of Aruba ClearPass for wired and wireless authentication, and dynamic segmentation for simplified security and micro-segmentation, managed from Aruba’s cloud platform; Aruba Central.

This project delivered a secure, scalable and flexible networking infrastructure that supports the customer's business needs. This involved the implementation of Aruba's SD-Branch solution, which provides a unified platform for managing and securing network connectivity across multiple locations.

The key features of the Aruba SD-Branch solution that was implemented include:

  • Aruba ClearPass for wired and wireless authentication: This will provide secure network access for all devices connecting to the network, and allow for granular control over who can access which resources.

  • Dynamic segmentation: This will enable simplified security and micro-segmentation, allowing for better control over network traffic and improved security.

  • Scalable and flexible networking infrastructure: The Aruba SD-Branch solution is designed to be easily scalable and flexible, allowing for easy expansion as the customer's business grows.

The project was carried out by a team of experienced network engineers and consultants, who worked closely with the customer to ensure that the solution meets their business needs.


December, 2020

Major Global Data Centre Migration

2 Global Data Centres migrated to Equinix

Relocation completed between NSW & VIC

17 changes executed in 6 weeks without incident

Data Centre migrations completed without service impact to customer

Untitled design (1).png

January 2021

Cisco CVI integration with MS Teams

Deployment of MS Teams integration with Cisco VC using CVI technology

Global deployment of solution to Australia, Laos, China, Africa, and Peru

Change management strategy executed to ensure successful adoption of new technology

Brand Strategy

March 2021

Infrastructure Program Strategy

Program defined for a finance organisation's 2-year infrastructure roadmap

Resource, procurement, and delivery strategy defined

Vision presented to key stakeholders for Executive approval of execution

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